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Looking for a Christmas gift?

Zine-o-Matic is an awesome gift for someone who is into underground art. Mark your subscription as a gift at checkout and we'll make sure it gets to your giftee before December 25th.

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So you've decided to buy some zines! Thats cool, its gonna be so exciting when these come in the mail. This is a subscription service so we'll be sending these out on the first of every month. If for any reason you decide you hate zines, just sign into your account or shoot us an email and we'll cancel your subscription.  We ship your zines on the 1st of each month, and the renew date is the 11th of every month. One more thing, some zines contain adult content. We're not sending out porno or anything but some zines can contain sexual images and/or adult themes, so this is a heads up. Anyways thanks for subscribing, this is gonna be awesome.