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ZineoMatic makes finding great zines easy. We ship only the best zines from up and coming artists in California, New York, Chicago, Portland and overseas. Trust us we're literally professionals.

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You get zines to read while pooping.

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Are you still a bit unsure about the whole zine box thing?  Listen we get it, you don't realize how rad this is gonna be yet.

We take curation very seriously. Every package we send is filled with the best zines that the community has to offer that month. We make sure that each zine we carry represents a different aspect of the zine community. From “Tenacious” a zine of art and writings by women incarcerated across the United States, to Steve Steiner’s zine “Tasteful Insect Nudes” which features tantalizing bug portraits and sexy personal ads for insect singles. We also send out original vintage copies of the “Ten Cent Pocket Series” an 85 year old zine that was made as affordable form of education and entertainment during the Great Depression. Each package we send out is filled with absolute treasures, we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

The Zine Movement

There are tons of crazy talented artists out there who don't have the means to get their work seen. It takes a long career and a lot of connections to get your art published. Art is distributed in this crazy hierarchical way that has all sorts of financial and logistical barriers that block out really cool and talented people. All you need to make a zine is a couple bucks, some time, and a lot of creativity. That's how art should be. Just crazy people making cool stuff. No agents, no lawyers, no accountants, just raw creativity.